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All of 4RPH's announcers and readers are volunteers. Volunteers on the station include:

        Marion Alexander

Desiree Allan

       Sam Anderson

       Jane Aslett 

Brenda Bailey

Peter Barker

Jim Barbeler

Kay Bergen

Rob Burgin

Mary Berry

Gill Booysen

Judy Bowtell

Jane Briggs

Stephen Callaghan

Michael Campbell

Kathryn Chandler

Alistair Cheyne

Chris Cooper

John Couchman

Jan Cousens

Glenis Cowan

Steve Dalziel

Pauline Davies

Bill Deacon

Helen Deakin

Kim Dodsworth

Andrew Duell

Stephanie Dwyer

Ray Edmunds

Don Furlonger

Libby Gregory

John Hacking

Audrey Harris

Robert Harris

Sue Harrison

Barry Holland

Denise Houston

Jon Hulett

Robert Ikin

Liz Irvine

Barry Jantzen

Glenys Keller

Edward Kent

Heather Kingsley

Erana Kofe

Charles Lawrence

Jo Lemass

Monica Lynch

John Macnaughton

Jeff Mather

Adrienne McDarra

Robert McGuire

Liz McKenna

Adrian McNeill

Chris Nichols

Jennifer Nosovich

Terry O'Neill

Matt O'Reilly

John Patton

Steve Pearton

Paul Price

Peter Pritchard

Jan Pyke

Ed Richardson

Steve Richardson

Trish Robinson

Adrienne Ryan

Caren Shaw

Steve Sparrow

Jamie Spence

Alex Stilianos

Stella Taylor

Anne Tennock

John Tennock

Geoff Thompson

Maureen Todhunter

Catherine Tully

Mary Walsh

Peter Webb

Mary White

Daniele Williams

Kerry Wills

Adam Wright

Keith Wright



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